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HWS Direct provides your hotel with technology,
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By simplifying the booking process, helping your visitors to learn about the special discount or added values offered to them by booking directly, you can observe an average of 20 to 30% increase in direct bookings

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Personalize specific notifications, create your urgency message, retain the visitor on your website, simplify the booking process

Personalized notifications

Match the user´s booking intention with the right message, at the right time and on the right device. 

Social Proof Messages

Increase trust and push your visitors to book with urgency, scarcity and FoMo

Personalized notifications

Simplify and improve the booking process with exit pop up windows, welcome pop-ups, saved searches and other relevant pop-ups. 

Your interactive Dashboard

We make it easier to understand the booking behaviour for the hoteliers

Our Recommendations simplify your marketing strategy decisions

Improving the booking experience to increase your direct bookings and revenues

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